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11 2013

5 reasons to work at TripAdvisor

On this page of our blog we’ll be sharing information about our culture and what it’s like to work here at TripAdvisor.  We’ll be giving the inside scoop on a lot of the cool things that make us such a unique and fun place to work, but for our first post we wanted to explain a few reasons why we think you might love working at TripAdvisor.


1) Innovation – We launch product weekly and really push the boundaries when it comes to innovation.  Our CEO Steve Kaufer has a saying “Speed Wins”….we mean it.  We try to go as fast as we can all the while making sure we are releasing high quality, innovative products for our customers and users.


2)  Forward-Thinking – We’re not afraid to focus on the future and anticipate what our users need from us.  We’ll make big changes to make sure we continue to be the leading Travel website in the world…over 200 million people worldwide use our site….pretty amazing right?


3) Growth – We are growing in more ways than one, and it’s exciting.  We are continuously hiring new people…globally in all functions.  Additionally, our business is growing by leaps and bounds.  If you’re looking for personal and professional growth…TripAdvisor is the place for you.


4)  Work with really smart people – Everyone says it, but we mean it.  We’ve hired top talent from some of the world’s best universities and are adding more great people to the team every day.


5)  Play Hard – We work really hard, but play just as hard if not harder.  Whether it’s after work drinks or BBQ’s on our rooftop terrace, we always have a little fun along the way.


There are a million reasons why working for TripAdvisor is a great idea…keep coming back to this blog if you’re interested in learning more and if you’re interested in applying, check out our career site and send in a CV!

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