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5 2013

Quiz on a plane? One in eight Brits would opt for a pub quiz as their ideal in-flight entertainment

Have you ever been bored senseless on a flight and thought ‘I wish there was something more to entertain me’? Well, we at TripAdvisor got to thinking, if there was a choice of some more off-the-wall inflight entertainment options rather than just the traditional long haul movie, what would we want?


The poll revealed some interesting results. Watching a flick in-flight is still a firm favourite as almost one in three (31%) said that a movie would be their ideal in-flight entertainment. It seems however, that peace and quiet prevails with four out of ten (43%) of travellers revealing that they would actually prefer some down time with no distractions while up in the air.


The next most popular choice, proved to be a pub quiz in the sky, with nearly one in eight (12%) Brits choosing this as their preferred in-flight entertainment.


Of the 7,000 British travellers who answered our poll, less than one in twenty (4%) said they would like to see a live comedy act performed mid-air.


3% of those surveyed said their preferred in-flight entertainment would be a perpetual loop of cat videos, more than double the number who would opt for a Shakespeare recital.


What would be your preferred choice of in-flight entertainment?

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