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14 2013

American travellers keener than ever to visit the UK after arrival of Prince George and success of Downton Abbey

This week we revealed the results of a study which looked into the countries that are showing the most interest in travelling to the UK.


American traveller interest in the UK is on the rise after what has been another bumper year for the UK, with the arrival of the Royal baby and the after-glow of the Olympics. The so-called ‘Downton affect’ has also helped to raise US traveller interest in the UK after the popular ITV drama Downton Abbey has seen huge success across the pond as well as in the UK.


Our study showed that not only is the US the largest inbound market to the UK, they are also showing the largest increase in interest year-over-year, growing at a rate of 23 percent. Travellers from Canada, Singapore and China are also showing more interest in Britain as a destination, growing at rates of 21%, 19% and 18% respectively.


Top 10 fastest growing markets researching UK destinations on TripAdvisor:


Markets for greatest year-on-year growth in sessions looking at UK destinationsYear-on-Year growth in user sessions looking at UK destinations (taking into account natural market growth)
1. USA23%
2. Canada21%
3. UK20%
4. Singapore19%
5. China18%
6. Romania16%
7. Belgium14%
8. Sweden12%
9. The Netherlands11%
10. Argentina11%


Top 10 nationalities looking at UK destinations on TripAdvisor:


The rise of the stay-cation is showing no signs of slowing down as the study revealed that British travellers make up 68% of all visits to UK destinations on TripAdvisor.


1. United Kingdom
2. United States
3. Germany
4. Italy
5. France
6. Australia
7. Spain
8. Canada
9. Ireland
10. China


The most popular UK destinations on TripAdvisor:


When it comes to the most popular destinations in the UK according to both British and International travellers on TripAdvisor, London tops both lists. The battle for second place is a between Yorkshire and Edinburgh with Brits preferring Yorkshire and international travellers keener on Edinburgh.


Top 10 UK destinations according to Brits:


1. London
2. Yorkshire
3. Devon
4. Cornwall
5. Cumbria
6. East Anglia
7. Kent
8. Hampshire
9. Greater Manchester
10. Dorset


Top 10 UK destinations according to international travellers:


1. London
2. Edinburgh
3. Yorkshire
4. Scottish Highlands
5. Cornwall
6. Devon
7. Kent
8. Cumbria
9. Greater Manchester
10. Somerset
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