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2 2013

British travellers shun the selfie

It’s the photo we see celebs posting all over their social media pages – the selfie. But despite being crowned the Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Year, our latest survey revealed that in fact the ‘selfie’ is the least favoured travel photo among British travellers.


Less than 1% of travellers surveyed named the selfie the photo they most often capture on holiday, with classic travel imagery still very much in vogue – over half (57%) named scenic shots as their picture style of choice, followed by photos of friend and family (21%) and shots of culture sites (17%).


Decline of the traditional photo album


While the digital camera is still the device of choice for those on holiday, more so than the mobile camera, the survey also revealed there is a big move to online when it comes to preserving our favourite holiday snaps. One in three (34%) said they upload their holiday snaps to social media networks, more than those who print them out (22%). One in six (15%) admitted to actually forgetting all about their photos after a holiday.


Faking it


The results also showed that when it comes to holiday snaps, British travellers will go to extreme lengths to ensure they look good. Nearly one in twelve (8%) admitted to digitally enhancing images of themselves.


And it’s not just how we look physically, it seems some travellers are also faking the amount of fun they’re having on holiday through their photos – one in twenty (6%) confessed to posting photos on social media to give the impression they are having a good time, even when that might not be the case.


Preening for the passport


The survey also revealed that nearly a quarter (22%) of Brits spent time primping and preening themselves ahead of getting a new passport photo taken, with one in five (20%) saying they took thirty minutes or more to do so.


Although British travellers are clearly making an effort to look their best for a passport photo, nearly a quarter (22%) don’t think their passport photo is a good likeness of them and 24% think their passport photo actually makes them look older than they are.


In celebration of the travel photo, TripAdvisor has selected some of the most impressive images from the more than 14 million candid traveler photos uploaded to the site, and sorted them into eight unique categories reflecting popular photo themes, which can be viewed here:




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