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23 2013

Bulgaria, Russia and Andorra Offer Europe’s Best-Value Skiing

With the winter season firmly upon us, our TripIndex team has been busily comparing the prices for ski resorts across Europe to find where you can get the best value deals this ski season.


We looked at the cost of a ski break in 41 key ski destinations, taking into account the cost of one night’s hotel accommodation, one day’s ski pass, one day’s basic ski hire, a meal and a bottle of beer.


We found that, while skiing might have a reputation for being an expensive pastime, there are plenty of destinations around Europe where you can find value for money.


Overall, Bansko in Bulgaria offers the best value ski break for British travellers this year. A day on the slopes, a meal, beer and an overnight stay in a hotel in Bansko will set you back £104.34 – less than one-quarter the price of the most expensive destination for a ski break which is in Courchevel, France which will set you back £432.42.


But while Bansko is the best value destination, this year, Andorra takes the lead as the most affordable country, laying claim to four destinations in the top 10 best value list.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, France and Switzerland emerge as the costliest countries, each home to four of the ten most expensive resorts.


When it comes to hotel prices across the popular ski destinations, Courchevel, France has the most expensive average rate for one night’s stay, coming in at £331.47. For the price of one night in a hotel in Courchevel, travellers can have five nights in a Bansko hotel (£65.54 per night).




Sochi, Russia – where next year’s Winter Olympics will be held – is the cheapest option for a day on the slopes, with a lift pass costing £21.55 – around two times less than in St. Moritz, Switzerland which costs £49.74.




Bansko, again, offers the best value ski hire – the average cost of a basic package for skis, boots and poles will knock a traveller back £8.96, over four times less than the most expensive, St. Moritz, where the average ski hire is £40.68.


Bansko is also revealed as the cheapest place for a bite to eat at just £3.12 compared with £29.10 in Courchevel, while the best value après-ski beer can be found in Ordino Arcalis, Andorra for £1.38.




For the full results of this year’s TripIndex Ski cost comparison study go to


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